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The name of Son NotA very old history...

To understand where the name comes from, it is necessary to explain a concept of the Majorcan language: "Ca" means "house of". For example, "I'm going to Enrique's house" you would say "I am going to ca l'Enric". "Can" is the contraction of "ca" and "en". "En" here is not the preposition, is an article used before male personal names, "En Joan". Therefore, "Can Joan" means "Juan's house".

Something similar happens with "Son". Basically "Son" is a contraction of "ço d'en", in Spanish it would be "lo de / that of". "Son" is a demonstrative indicator of the property (ço En Juanot = ço d'En Juanot = això d'En Juanot = Juanot's thing).

On the other hand, it is documented that "Juanot" was one of the first owners in the history of the Finca around 1700.

It is believed that the name "Son Not" comes from the contraction of "Juanot" in "Not". In this way we have the name "Son Not".

Written by: Luis Morell 26/10/2021.


The carob in Mallorca Mallorca´s black gold

It is very common, during the months of August and September, to see a very precious black pod being collected in the fields of Mallorca.
The carob, "Algarroba" in spanish, is the fruit of the carob tree ("algarrobo"), common in the Mediterranean Sea. The fruit is a dark brown pod that contains the seeds, similar to a large lentil.
Last years, this fruit has been revalued due to its great properties.
On the one hand, there is the "garrofín", the seed, which turns into flour and it works like a thickener used in the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical industry...
Being a totally natural product, it has infinite advantages: digestive, anti-inflammatory, natural source of fiber and avoids chemical thickeners.
Chocolate, ice cream, sauces, creams, medicines... are a small example of its usefulness.

On the other hand, the fruit is used for culinary purposes and is such an energetic food that it is said that it was supplied to Alejando Magno's army.
Carob bread, cocoa substitute, animal feed production... are other advantages of this fruit.

Written by: Luis Morell 05/11/2021.